What are No Claims Discount / No Claims Bonus?

No Claims Discount (NCD) / No Claim Bonus (NCB) are awarded to drivers with every additional year without claims. This is how it works:

1st year: 0%

2nd year: 10% 

3rd year: 20%

4th year: 30%

5th year: 40%

6th year: 50%

7th year onwards: 50%

Note that the above is continously without ANY CLAIMS.

If there are any claims made, 30% NCD will be reduced upon your next renewal.

For example,

Current NCD: 50%

First Accident Claim

- Upon insurance renewal, NCD is reduced to 20%

- During next renewal, NCD is increased to 30% and so on, provided no claims are made


Protecting your NCD for extra premiums (NCD Protector)

An NCD Protector protects you from losing your NCD for the first accident claim made. This benefit is optional and you may need to pay additional premiums if you choose to opt for this benefit.

Details on how it works (example):

Current NCD: 50%

First Accident Claim, NCD remains 50% upon your next insurance renewal*

Second Accident Claim, NCD reduces to 20%

*Do note that your NCD will only be protected IF you renew your insurance with your CURRENT insurer.


What is 5% Safe Driver Discount / Offense Free Discount / Certificate of Merit

This 5% discount is given to safe drivers who did not any violate traffic regulations.

This additional discount will be deducted from the insurance premiums. However, there are some insurers which does not offer this benefit even if you are eligible.

To do a check on whether you are eligible for this discount, your agent will need to obtain your NRIC number.

You can also check your status in the SPF website, just click HERE.


Transfer of NCD Between parent and child / Between spouse

This is usually for people who had bought their cars under their parents / spouse name in the past and would like to transfer the car under their name now.

Transfer of NCD between parent and child / spouse are allowed only with certain insurers, so do check with your agent beforehand. If the transfer is allowed, it is a one-time transfer and you will not be able to reverse it in the future.


**More information to be updated**


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